Hibiscus Spotlight

Last week we ended with our Pineapple Raspberry Rosé! We hope you enjoyed the sweet flavors over the weekend. It’s one of our absolute favs for many reasons! The hibiscus flower, also known as the Rose Mallow, is one of those tropical flowers that create a sweet aroma of sunshine and summer nights all at the same time. These beauties can typically be found in temperate, subtropical regions throughout the world. Although the exact origin is unknown, this beautiful species has been spotted in China, Japan, and the Pacific Islands.

Fun Fact: The Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis means rose of China is the national flower of Malaysia! The flowers are large shaped and can vary in colors such as white, pink, orange, yellow, and even purple! The most popular Hibiscus flower is known as the Hibiscus Sabdariffa, a red flower with African roots, commonly used for medical treatment and dietary supplements. Of course, packed with
antioxidants, no wonder it’s good for the body…but that’s not it.
Hibiscus is also referred to as the “anti-aging plant”, it has a reputation for increasing skin radiancy and youthfulness. It has the ability to prevent the activity of enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s elastin. Battling all the factors that aging brings, hibiscus can benefit the skin in ways such as, evening skin tone, purifying your complexion, and
giving that moisture boost for that glow we are all live for!

So weather it’s health issues, skin care problems, or you are simply in need for something light and satisfying, hibiscus might be just what you are missing! We hope you had a great weekend and encourage you to try this refresher next!

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