Blue Magic TEA

Butterfly Pea Flower Ingredient

What’s in your tea? The Butterfly Pea Flower
We love tea talk, and we love making teas for you! So, we want to make sure you get all the info you need on what goes into your body. Blending fruits and special herbs together, we are committed to creating the best flavor profiles to make the perfect beverage.

Let’s talk about
the Blueberry Kiwi Refresher, mixed with the butterfly pea flower, lemongrass, blackberry leaf, candied apple pieces, rosehip and finished with a kiwi flavor. Perfect for summer, this one would be a good tea over ice. The butterfly pea flowers are native to Thailand and can be found in other parts of Southeast
Asia where they are served after dinner, usually with lemon and honey added to it. Adding lemon juice to the tea changes the pH of the drink, making it change color from deep blue to purple. The tea leaves are also used to change color in cocktails as well.
It’s commonly referred to as the “Blue Tea” and is a caffeine-free herbal beverage that has been steeped for centuries! The Butterfly pea flower gains its distinctive tint from the color of the petals that has made the plant a popular blue dye.
Some benefits of the blue steeped tea are reduced symptoms of anxiety, provides antioxidant support and potential cognitive support. It’s also said to enhance younger looking skin!
Whether you’re into the origin of the tea, the health benefits or you’re just into the cool colors, this refresher is definitely worth a try!