• What's your refund policy?
    • All sales are final except for damaged materials. If your package arrives damage, please let us know within 48 hrs of confirmed delivery. In order to be eligible for a damage replacement/refund request (at our discretion) requires photos. 
  • Can I return my teabox?
    • Unfortunately, you may not return TeaBox by justChanel boxes. If you have concerns about the teabox you have received, Contact Us. We will work with you to address your concerns. 
    • How often do you restock? 
      • We restock every month. Please subscribe to our newsletter to find out when our next restock will be.
    • Will limited edition items restock?
      • Unfortunately no. We pride ourselves in making sure when we state something is limited edition that it is actually LIMITED EDITION and exclusive to those customers who have purchase it.
    • Are any of your products permanent?
      • Yes, the justChanel Favorites Box, Morning Tea Talk Set and #TEAsquad mug are all permanent products.


    • I purchased a pre-order and haven't received my item yet?
      • Please make sure you pay close attention to "when all orders will ship" date. Each pre-order will list when your item will be shipped out in the description box.
    • I received my tracking number however I do not see that it has been updated in days?
      • We print our shipping labels ahead of time to prepare for each order. The tracking number is the correct number associated with your package. All tracking numbers will be updated on "ship out" date located with the pre-order item.
    • It is past "when all orders will ship" date, however my tracking number has not been updated?
      • Please make sure it is not a holiday or weekend, if not please email us and we will give you an update regarding your order. 

    Tea Info

    • How do I steep loose leaf tea?
        • We recommend steeping loose leaf teas for 3-5 mins.
      • Do you carry organic tea?
        • Yes, we do! Organic teas will be listed in the description box.