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it’s always TEA Time

The ultimate sampler for first time loose leaf tea drinkers & tea lovers, now upgraded with two additional blends for coffee lovers and a low calorie cocktail

  1. Detox Blend: Love Thy Liver or Summer Snatch
  2. Peach Turmeric Chai: Cozy & Warm; fall blend
  3. Wellness Tonic: crafted to boost the immune system
  4. Green Tea: organic energizing mint trio or Passionfruit 
  5. Lemon Chamomile: Rest & Relaxation; chamomile hibiscus blend  
  6. Seasonal Fruity Blend: Blueberry Kiwi Refresher or Pineapple Raspberry Rosé
  7. Sage Cleanse: Meditation blend packed with lavender and citrus
  8. qualiTEA Matcha: Japanese origin for the perfect latte 
  9. Sangria: fruity iced mocktail 
  10. Golden Hazelnut: hazelnut oolong for the perfect latte 

Includes the BYOB filter bags, gold storage tins and a gold infuser ball